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Feb 28th, 2018

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Trade Exhibitors


NEXT SHOW : Saturday, February 24th, 2018


Click here for a list of Trade Exhibitors at our 2017 Show


The next Helensville A&P Show will be held at the Helensville Showgrounds on Saturday 24th February 2018.

The Helensville Agricultural & Pastoral Association has held the Helensville A&P Show almost every year since 1900, with only a polio epidemic and World War II causing a few years to be cancelled. As such, it is one of the longer running A&P Shows in New Zealand, with an enviable reputation and an unabashedly traditional feel.

The Helensville A&P Show has a proud history of promoting Helensville's agricultural and pastoral interests, and showcasing the best of the region. The Show is the largest annual event on Helensville's calendar and continues to build on a long and successful reputation of bringing the country to the town. The Show offers a unique hands-on learning experience and wonderful day out for all ages.

The Helensville Show is a local icon that celebrates all things town and country, from the latest technology for the rural sector to the best in entertainment. The Show attracts on average 135 trade exhibitors each year. These trade exhibitors comprise a diverse range of exhibitors who use the Show to launch new products, sell products, raise brand awareness and reach existing and prospective customers. Since the Show's earliest days trade sites have been an important drawcard for the public, with show attendees often constituting a loyal customer base for trade exhibitors.

In recent years, the Helensville A&P Show has attracted record numbers of trade exhibitors and visitors. As the largest one-day show in the Northern District (which stretches from Franklin in the South to the top of the North Island) and attracting up to 8,000 people and 4,000 competitor entries, the Helensville A&P Show enables trade exhibitors to:

  • Reach key target markets
  • Generate new customers and sales leads for ongoing business
  • Promote products
  • Directly interact with a wide audience
  • Develop brand loyalty and exposure
  • Educate consumers about your product or service
  • Transact directly with customers

The Show continues to mature and go from strength to strength, and there is still more that can be done to realise the potential the Helensville A&P Show has. The challenge has just begun!

We invite you to consider the benefits that supporting this local event can offer your business.

Download the full 2018 Helensville A&P Show Trade Space Information PDF


Full Terms and Conditions are included on the our 2018 Trade Space Information document.


2016 Trade Exhibitor List